The UNDP publishes the annual Human Development Report covering research and data on developing economies as it pertains to policy and law making, gender rights, and more. The aim is to shift the focus of development economics from national income accounting to people-centered policies. With each report comes a need for a new microsite with a fresh design that still maintains the principles and characteristics of the UNDP voice and identity.

Role: Illustration, UX/UI, motion graphics for animated heros
Year: 2019

Client: United Nations Development Programme
Web: Mercedes Lorenzo, Andrés Clúa

Supervisor: Tiffany Licata

The narrative of the this report is set and anchored by this slider graphic at the beginning of the web page, it demonstrates the duality and disparity between different societies and their means (or lack thereof) to get ahead faster under the shadow of climate change and technological revolution. The idea was to illustrate a parallel timeline of sorts, showing the impact institutions that define societal privilege and advancement (welfare, higher education, etc) has on the journey of one's life, and where that individual may likely be, in terms of progress, in a society bereft of such amenities.


UNDP's SDG Integration promotes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an initiative where issues regarding social, economic and environmental detriments are tackled via localized and intersectional means for sustainable development. Each year, UNDP releases reports, projects, and campaigns updating stakeholders and the general public on the effects of the SDGs around the world.

Role: Brand design, animation, visual identity, social strategy
Year: 2019 - ongoing

Client: United Nations Development Programme