I use effervescent, amorphous red and blue orbs representing information and operational technology, respectively, clash to demonstrate the incoming convergence of the two technologies. Red and blue become the standing signifiers of the two technologies in the infographics throughout the piece to make the comprehension of the highly technical story easier and more digestible.

See the full digital story here.

Camille Rapay / Logo design, design system, illustrations, layout

Tiffany Licata / Supervisor, internal design feedback

Mercedes Lorenzo / UX/UI, web

Olaia Azpiroz / UX/UI, web


Visual identity  /  Illustration  /  Web design



Information technology


New Jersey based IT company, Turn-key Technologies, came to Thunderfoot in need of a face lift. They were seeking a new visual identity that communicated their 30+ years of expertise in the industry whilst having a modern look. I created an identity that centered around a dark theme, isometric design, and minimal color palette to make IT and cabling sleek and sexy.

In order to better represent and demonstrate the capabilities of TTI's smart cameras, I created a lot of animated graphics to illustrate security threats and their respective alerts. The biggest challenge regarding this piece was the file size limitation of gif images on the story's backend, so the animated gifs had to remain as minimal and simplistic as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the information being conveyed. 

See the full digital story here.

Similar to the above digital story on smart cameras, this piece dealt with unique and unsuspecting cyber attack suspects and danger points in a network of devices that required detailed explanatory imagery. I overcame backend limitations by creating distilled, yet informative, animated gifs illustrating different types of IoT attacks and how preventative technologies and softwares work.

See the full digital story here.