We chose a slider graphic to demonstrate the before and after what a hypothetical coastline would look like when GFCR's initiatives are implemented to easily compare changes and improvements. I opted for an isometric illustration for the ease of creating a fairly symmetric composition and to be able to illustrate activity both on land and under the sea.

Camille Rapay / Graphic design, illustration, motion graphics

Tiffany Licata / Brand strategy

Alison Heywood / Graphic design, print layout

Mercedes Lorenzo / UX design

Ignacio Martinez / Frontend


Visual identity  /  Branding  /  Illustration





In 2020, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched the Global Fund for Coral Reefs, a coalition dedicated to preserving the world's remaining coral reef ecosystems. UNDP turned to Thunderfoot to create a totally original visual brand to attract public donors and private partnerships. I created the logo and iconography with conceptual feedback from my teammates, and built out some of the illustrative design elements.

The visual identity was based around four core personality traits that were derived from the client's mission: innovative, collaborative, hopeful, and balanced. These principles were intertwined with conceptual notions of dynamism, harmony, and forward movement that is reminiscent of the ocean and associations with water