Airbnb sends out monthly newsletters to hosts containing hosting strategies and tips; which are then to remain accessible in an evergreen bank of general hosting resources. Given the evergreen and global nature of the content, it was important for the primary illustration for each newsletter to not contain super seasonal imagery, and so I created a set of illustrations that demonstrated the vast diversity of property listings on Airbnb. Airbnb's primary pink color, Rausch, was utilized in each illustration as the unifying thread between each piece


Video  /  Motion  /  Direction  /  Illustration





Airbnb came to Thunderfoot seeking support with building out original resources for hosts and scaling up host acquisition and engagement. I led the design and art direction of creative and multimedia assets, ranging from: illustrations, newsletter designs, and a video series. 

Camille Rapay / Graphic design, storyboard, video editing, audio editing, motion graphics

Alexa Lee / Brand strategy

Yan Goldschmidt / Motion graphics

Kay Uwaibi / Motion graphics